"Severe Shit Storm" with Moonlight Grammar

My friend Moonlight Grammar released his debut album today. I made some amazing beats for his record. We also made this really cool song called “Severe Shit Storm” filled with radical references and a really big hook. My favorite one liner from the song is:

"I’m at office max cracking batteries on a fax machine/Trippin balls at two places at once flipping the bird to fantasy"

We’re also debating making a video out this song. What ya think?

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  1. lipsyourloversleave said: Yes.
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At first glance most would think a skinny, blue-eyed hipster looking dude in a flannel with obnoxious Nike’s to match, would be in a post-electro indie-band. But this is the 90’s for the third time and one of rap’s most exciting new voices, ECID, is not your average newsstand heartthrob. In 2012, with the release of Werewolf Hologram, he saw his sound realized in a major scope. The album reached #20 on the College Music Journal’s Top 50 Hiphop Albums of 2012 list among many other accolades. It was an album fueled by life’s harsh kicks to the family jewels and a newly found passion for heat yoga which completely changed his creative DNA. ECID was shiny and new again.

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